Masking Tape Balance Beam

10_packing_tape_light_brownThis preschool activity is a good physical, ‘rainy day’ activity or simply an indoor activity that will get your preschoolers & young children up and moving around while helping to improve their co-ordination, while they have fun moving and working on their balance and movement.

Setting: Preschool activity could play indoor/outdoor

Material: Roll of Masking Tape Clean Floor Area ( Free from Obstacles)

Objective: Children will Improve their balance and learn to care about othersacles)

Who: Children from preschool.

Benefits: Cognitive Development Listening skills: ability to follow verbal directions

Physical Development: Children are able to use gross motor skills, Children will learn balancing and co-ordination skills, hand-eye coordination,

Social Development: Communication and socializing expressing themselves while moving.

Length: 15 min or more

Group Size Small or medium

Age group 5 years old

Description Stick masking tape onto a large floor area in a straight line at first.Have children walk on it like a balance beam. Once the pre-schoolers children have had time to practice on that, change it up a bit and add more strips of masking tape going in different directions and zig-zag patters that the children can follow. Play some fun kids songs as background music to have a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Variation : With a balls some children can roll in the tape line. Others thought it might be fun to dribble their balls around the lines.


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