Masking Tape Balance Beam

10_packing_tape_light_brownThis preschool activity is a good physical, ‘rainy day’ activity or simply an indoor activity that will get your preschoolers & young children up and moving around while helping to improve their co-ordination, while they have fun moving and working on their balance and movement.

Setting: Preschool activity could play indoor/outdoor

Material: Roll of Masking Tape Clean Floor Area ( Free from Obstacles)

Objective: Children will Improve their balance and learn to care about othersacles)

Who: Children from preschool.

Benefits: Cognitive Development Listening skills: ability to follow verbal directions

Physical Development: Children are able to use gross motor skills, Children will learn balancing and co-ordination skills, hand-eye coordination,

Social Development: Communication and socializing expressing themselves while moving.

Length: 15 min or more

Group Size Small or medium

Age group 5 years old

Description Stick masking tape onto a large floor area in a straight line at first.Have children walk on it like a balance beam. Once the pre-schoolers children have had time to practice on that, change it up a bit and add more strips of masking tape going in different directions and zig-zag patters that the children can follow. Play some fun kids songs as background music to have a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Variation : With a balls some children can roll in the tape line. Others thought it might be fun to dribble their balls around the lines.

Icebreaker – Deserted Island

Desert Island LOST ON A DESERTED ISLAND This game is a teambuilding and get-to-know you icebreaker.
Lost and deserted island is a teambuilding activity that also helps people share a little about themselves. Given the scenario that everyone is lost and stranded on a deserted island, each person choose in the paper below one object that they would bring and why what they enjoy or value. And relationship building activities. This icebreaker works well for any age, including adults and corporate settings. Anecdotal notes on listening, speaking and taking turns. Approachable way to get people to open up

Material Paper – Pens / Pencils

Setting Choose a safe and appropriate place to conduct the game. An indoor setting is ideal this could be play in a class room depend how many people are. Can be play for a elementary school or high school.
Objective Working with a team to brainstorming ideas. They discuss a role play situation. Knowing each other.
Who People who need to work on communicating ideas with other people
Benefits To introduce each person to the group and to learn something about them.

Length: approx. 30 minutes

Group Size Small, Medium, and Large group size, Age group 13 to 17
Description The first part of this icebreaker is simple: They look at some picture and they have to choose what object they would bring and justify their options. After everyone has introduced their object and why they have chosen that object, the team-building portion follows. Divide into smaller groups and ask everyone to work together to improve their chances of survival by combining the various objects that they introduced. If necessary, you can add more objects, but be sure to use all the objects that everyone mentioned. If you wish, you can reward the most creative group with a prize. Encourage people to be creative.

Variation Another way just let them think about what item they will bring in a deserted island. Ideally something that represents them. Let them be creative.


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Musical Hoops

 vector-musical_5Kids of all age will have a good time trying to beat the music. This game of speed and agility A fun activity that can play in a large space. This game learn the participant playing together.

Setting in a elementary school can play indoor or outside and need a large space.

Objective Children will practice physical activity and gross motor skills. The participants learn to play together and follow directions. Who children from preschool or kindergarten kids

Group size 3 or more               Ages: 5-8 years  

Material: Hula hoops or chair, CD player and music.

Benefits develop fundamental movement skills, provides opportunities do develop social skills and make friends.

Length of time: At least ten minutes, including setup, but it varies with the number of players. The more kids there are, the more time it’ll take.


A game by using hula hoops on the floor. In which player walk around the hoops. Once the music start, they should move around. Stop the music. Everyone must take the hoop close to them. The player left without a hoop is eliminated and one hoop is removed. Play the music and stop in the same manner. Eliminating one player and one hoop at a time. Award the winning prize to the last person inside in a hoop.


Same activities as musical chairs.

At the end of the game you can ask question.

Did students appear frustrated? If so, were they able to improve over time?

How much effort did it take students to be able to complete the task following each round? Were they able to?